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 01/19/2022 11:46
Beta: fxmania is still in 'Beta'. We want your input so please send us feedback.
About us

fxmania is the forex website from Web Financial Group SA. A place built for Forex traders where everyone is invited to contribute and where any kind of trader, from beginners to experienced FX investors, will find the resources and information that they need.

Fxmania analysis and strategy team

Technical analyst, Jos´┐Ż Mar´┐Ża Rodr´┐Żguez, Technical Analyst, C´┐Żsar Nuez and market strategist, Jos´┐Ż Pi´┐Żeiro. With more than 15 years of experience these three experts in FX and financial markets, offer their views on the main pairs and trading plans for the major economic events.

Build your own fx website

fxmania offers a full customizable website, right from the homepage, where every trader could decide what kind of information to display depending on their needs. You just have to add the widgets that you want to use so to personalize fxmania main page in order to have only the information you want to read.
This is a very new concept in the FX information websites, where usually the trader is drown under hundreds of articles and pieces of news that only waste his time and don't offer him what he really needs. We have solved the problem of 'too many information for me' allowing you to 'do it yourself', so from now on with fxmania you decide what you want to see in our main page.

No registration needed

We don't want you to waste your time in a long registration proces, so your settings will be automatically saved and will be ready for the next time you visit us. Any change you made will remain forever.

Reachable forex information and resources

fxmania also offers Forex News, economic and financial last updates, technial analysis written by our analysts and strategists team and streaming Forex quotes and charts. We offer a selection of the best analysis written by important names of the Forex industry but we publish only the most interesting articles, so you don't have to read everything, but the really important ones.

We hope you enjoy fxmania and that we help you to be a best trader.

Help us to improve fxmania, please, send us your feed-back

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