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 01/16/2019 05:55
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Forex News

(Sharecast News) - Financial markets may remain cautious about British assets after the comprehensive defeat for the government's Brexit plan... >>

(Sharecast News) - Danske Bank: "The first thing to look out for is the Labour's motion of no confidence in May's government tomorrow. [...]... >>

(Sharecast News) - Leading economic indicators are continuing to indicate slowing growth in North America and Europe, the OECD said on Monday... >>

(Sharecast News) - UK economic growth slowed in the fourth quarter of last year but could make a "modest recovery" in the first quarter of 2019... >>

(Sharecast News) - UK gross domestic product growth slowed towards the end of last year as the contraction of the industrial sector deepened... >>

(Sharecast News) - Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ramped up calls on Thursday for a general election to "break the deadlock" over Brexit. Speaking... >>

(Sharecast News) - A warning over the lack of provisions to ensure flights between the European Union and Britain continue in a "no-deal" Brexit... >>

(Sharecast News) - Retailers in the UK suffered their worst Christmas in a decade last month amid worries about Brexit and weak consumer confidence... >>

(Sharecast News) - UK employers hired permanent staff in December at the slowest rate since April the year before as they struggle to find appropriate... >>

(Sharecast News) - Independent supplier Economy Energy has gone bust, less than a week after it was ordered to stop signing new customers, the... >>

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