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 05/28/2017 17:23
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(ShareCast News) - Sterling took big slides lower on most major crosses Friday as political uncertainty surrounding the upcoming UK general election... >>

(ShareCast News) - Sterling ended Tuesday lower on most key pairs in a UK market sombre all day after the deadly Manchester suicide bomb attack... >>

(ShareCast News) - Sterling was amid a sea of red as Tory-renewed fears of a hard Brexit came to the fore and the party did a U-turn on its so... >>

(ShareCast News) - Britain's perky pound went for a cheeky Friday stroll over the psychologically important $1.30 marker thanks to the lingering... >>

(ShareCast News) - The spotlight shifted towards emerging markets on Thursday, with the worsening political situation in South America's largest... >>

(ShareCast News) - Allegations that US president Donald Trump tried to influence an investigation into his former national security adviser sent... >>

(ShareCast News) - Sterling ended up mostly lower on key crosses Tuesday, but up on the US dollar, in the aftermath of a higher-than-expected... >>

(ShareCast News) - Sterling managed minor gains against the US dollar on Monday, these likely constrained longer term by Brexit concerns, but... >>

(ShareCast News) - Sterling had its back to the wall on most key crosses Friday with traders considering the likelihood of a US rate hike in... >>

(ShareCast News) - Sterling flipped lower against a bunch of key pairs on Bank of England's 'Super Thursday,' when it all but confirmed an interest... >>

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