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 08/22/2017 19:28
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(ShareCast News) - The world woke up on Friday to the news that a terror attack claimed 14 lives in Barcelona and left around 100 injured. This... >>

(ShareCast News) - The latest round of ECB (European Central Bank) minutes out on Thursday revealed some concerns around recent euro strength... >>

(ShareCast News) - A string of impressive data out on Wednesday helped strengthen sterling's hand against the dollar in the morning, taking the... >>

(ShareCast News) - Tuesday saw the release of UK CPI (Consumer Price Index) data showing inflation was lower-than-expected at 2.6% year on year... >>

(ShareCast News) - Some degree of risk appetite returned to the market on Monday following a weekend of no news is good news after three days... >>

(ShareCast News) - Day three of the sabre-rattling between the US and North Korea have again benefited safe haven currencies, although to a lesser... >>

(ShareCast News) - Disappointing economic data releases weighed on both sides of the Atlantic today with a negative goods trade balance for the... >>

(ShareCast News) - Geopolitical tensions mounted on Wednesday after comments from Donald Trump, directed at North Korea, sent shockwaves across... >>

(ShareCast News) - The recently sluggish USD (US dollar) found some strength today after the Bureau of Labour Statistics reported that job openings... >>

(ShareCast News) - Sterling's climb to an 11-month high against the US dollar came to an abrupt halt on Friday with the release of the latest... >>

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