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 01/22/2018 18:08
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12/27/2017 14:49:40

UK cotton supply chain back in production

(ShareCast News) - English Fine Cottons is re-invigorating the UK's cotton manufacturing after 40 years with the aim of making cotton products entirely in the UK.
Manchester city was built on the success of cotton sewing during the industrial revolution, but production slowed as imported products grew in prominence.

But after a £6m investment, English Fine Cottons have started importing cotton from California to Manchester and begun spinning and sowing once again.

Tracy Hawkins, managing director of English Fine Cottons said in a presentation to the public that it was their mission to bring spinning back to the UK by Re-forging Links In the UK's Cotton Supply Chain.

"Being British-made means so much more than just saying you are a British brand," she told an audience in the presentation.

She also believes that partnering up with other manufacturers was crucial for the mission's success.

"We have had so much support from people within the textiles industry since we went into production last year. This was a fantastic opportunity to update those people on the progress we have made and also to tell our story to those who hadn't heard it yet.

"Collaborating with other manufacturers has been crucial to our success. We have always said we can't re-establish the cotton industry just by spinning cotton alone. That's why we have spent much of our time linking up with accomplished weavers, knitters, dyers and finishers to show customers it can be done.

"By re-establishing the supply chain, we've reinvigorated cotton textiles manufacturing in Britain and given it the catalyst it needed to grow again."

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