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It appears that...]]> <![CDATA[EUR/USD: The 1.0990/1.1020 area looks likely to provide some initial support]]> The USD made gains against EUR, GBP and other European currencies yesterday, while the commodity currencies held relatively better, said...]]> <![CDATA[EUR/USD: 1.10/1.11 area should provide good support]]> For EUR/USD, Eurozone PMIs are likely to have a muted market reaction, said analysts at Lloyds Bank; instead we expect USD to be the main...]]> <![CDATA[GBP/USD and EUR/GBP: 'No change to our thoughts on the pound' - Lloyds Bank]]> EURGBP has reached and is holding important support around .7250, with a number of technical indicators looking for a move at least back...]]> <![CDATA[UK construction PMI and Spanish unemployment only notable releases;]]> OANDA. A record close in the Dow overnight, a near record in the S&P and the first break through 5,000 in the NASDAQ since March 2000, got...]]> <![CDATA[Eurozone flash CPI could add further pressure to ECB despite January QE announcement]]> Craig Erlam, currency analyst at Oanda noted that while the early part of the first week of the month can sometimes be a little subdued,...]]> <![CDATA[EUR/USD downtrend to accelerate in coming weeks]]> DANSKE BANK. The coming week will be eventful and will, in our view, drive more USD strength, particularly against the EUR. European asset...]]> <![CDATA[EUR/USD: Test of important support in the 1.11-1.10 region?]]> We start the week with European data. The EUR is already under renewed pressure, with the EURUSD back to recent range lows, analysts at...]]> <![CDATA[UK election is likely to cap the full GBP upside potential]]> DANSKE BANK. The GBP has performed strongly so far in February appreciating more than 3% against both the EUR and the USD. Fundamentally,...]]> <![CDATA[Yellen sent USD under pressure, but EURUSD not expected to break current range]]> Having seen the USD come under pressure despite a relatively neutral tone from Yellen at her testimony to the Senate earlier this week, US...]]> <![CDATA[EUR/USD focusses on Draghi and Greece]]> Fed Chair Yellen’s testimony before the Senate yesterday prompted a general USD sell-off, according to analysts at Lloyds Bank. More...]]> <![CDATA[Relative monetary policy is back on the agenda in the global FX markets]]> DANSKE BANK. Relative monetary policy is back on the agenda in the global FX markets. Although Yellen’s statement in her semi-annual...]]> <![CDATA[Did Janet Yellen Kill the Dollar Rally?]]> BK ASSET MANAGEMENT. The Federal Reserve is in no rush to raise interest rates according to Janet Yellen’s semi-annual testimony on...]]> <![CDATA[Yellen may put upward pressure on the USD]]> DANSKE BANK. Focus will be on Janet Yellen's semi-annual testimony at 16:00 CET in the Banking Committee of the Senate. Following...]]> <![CDATA[EUR/USD remains securely within the current range, although off recent highs]]> According to analysts at Lloyds Bank, the USD remains mixed as we head into the key event of the day, that being Fed Chair Yellen’s...]]> <![CDATA[The euro continues to find support above range support at 1.1270]]> According to Michael Hewson, chief analyst at CMC Markets, The euro continues to find support above range support at 1.1270, with the...]]> <![CDATA[Relative monetary policy to be in the driver’s seat for the EUR/USD]]> The EUR gained on Friday following the Greek debt agreement and EUR/USD bounced more than one figure from an intraday low of 1.1279 to...]]> <![CDATA[EUR/USD: The euro for the third day couldn’t surpass 1.1450]]> CMC MARKETS. EURUSD – The euro for the third day couldn’t surpass 1.1450, however it did close above the 21...]]> <![CDATA[US dollar to re-enter currency wars?]]> The US dollar fell after the minutes in which the Fed placed unusual emphasis on concerns over the bout of dollar strength. The minutes...]]> <![CDATA[The resilience of the EUR perhaps highlights that a lot of the bad news is in the price now]]> Analysts at Lloyds Bank noted: EUR/USD recovered from the lows yesterday despite Greek headlines suggesting an agreement is some way off...]]> <![CDATA[The risks remain the same of a possible Grexit]]> Angus Campbell, Senior Analyst at FxPro said: Currency markets have been placid so far this week, in particular the euro which has been...]]> <![CDATA[EUR/USD next target: 1,1460]]> CMC MARKETS. The euro continues to be fairly well supported on dips finding support at 1.1320 earlier this week, we’ve seen a move...]]> <![CDATA[Focus in FX markets remains on the SEK]]> DANSKE BANK. Focus in FX markets remains on the SEK in the wake of last week’s Riksbank rate cut and QE announcement, which sent...]]> <![CDATA[EUR/USD: While we remain above 1.1270 the risk remains for a move towards 1.1500]]> CMC MARKETS. After another failure above 1.1420 the EURUSD has slipped back finding support at 1.1320.

While we...]]> <![CDATA[The euro continues to struggle above 1.1420]]> CMC MARKETS. The euro continues to struggle above 1.1420 for the moment, which could suggest a return to the mid 1.1300’s, in the...]]> <![CDATA[EUR/USD to remain vulnerable to Greece headlines as they continue to shape market expectations]]> With a US bank holiday today, there is very little on the data calendar. Instead the main focus will be on the Euro group meeting as talks...]]> <![CDATA[Short-covering in the currencies with the largest notional outstanding in the report, namely EUR, JP]]> DANSKE BANK. IMM positioning data released on Friday revealed short-covering in the currencies with the largest notional outstanding in...]]> <![CDATA[EUR Rallies on Ukraine and Greek News]]> BK ASSET MANAGEMENT. While no deal was reached between the European Union and Greece at this week’s talks, euro traders were...]]> <![CDATA[Dollar Outlook: Don’t Fear Retail Sales]]> BK ASSET MANAGEMENT. The U.S. dollar traded lower against most of the major currencies today on the back of weaker economic data. For our...]]> <![CDATA[EUR/USD gathering momentum towards 1.1535]]> CMC MARKETS. Our rebound towards 1.1535 in the EUR/USD could well be starting to build some momentum but we need to push through 1.1420 to...]]>